Insulation Removal & Air Sealing

Insulation Removal
Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal

Insulation removal can be completed by hand if current insulation is fiberglass batts or can get vacuumed out with a 23 HP commercial vacuum connected to a 4” diameter hose. The insulation is sucked out of the attic and blown into a large bag or a dumpster for disposal. API removes and disposes of insulation at end of process.

Insulation should be removed if damaged by: fire or smoke, moisture, mold/mildew or pests and rodents.

Air Sealing

Air Seal Insulation
Box Sill Spray Foam

Removal of insulation is also usually necessary when upgrading existing attics for air sealing to ensure all areas to be sealed are seen and addressed. Typically, in a retro-fit attic job, API removes all existing insulation in attic and at eaves; and will remove existing baffle vents, if present. We will air seal all top plates of walls (interior & exterior) where the dry wall meets the framing, receptacle junction boxes and holes & penetrations through top plate of wall. After the air sealing is complete, installation of baffle vents and fiberglass batts at eaves is completed. This allows proper airflow into attic and seal any unwanted air entering attic at the eave, that could blow loose fill insulation away from eaves. Once prepped, we will install new insulation in the attic at an R-value of R-49, or what is requested by home owner (minimum install R-38 per Wisconsin code).

Air sealing can be done in other portions of home other than attic, including: box sills, sill plates, windows & doors, eaves, attic access points, foundation walls and more.