Home Insulation Health

At Advanced Pro Insulators, we believe that home insulation health is of the utmost importance.  A healthy home is far more than insulation, but if you are concerned with the indoor air quality of your home, there is a good chance that insulation and air sealing is part of your solution. Healthy homes start with the cleanliness and safety of a home. What is not seen can also lead to an unhealthy living environment with in the home.

For new construction, healthy, energy efficient homes should be the objective of every homeowner and home builder. With today’s world: the unknown of stability with energy costs, clean air and a push for low carbon foot prints, green energy and improvement to existing infrastructure; what is behind the walls and in the attics that can’t be seen should not be in the back of the mind.


If there are present mold issues in the home, the first place to start is taking humidity and moisture readings and find where the moisture is entering the home.


Allergens, or molecules that have the ability to cause allergies are everywhere in our environment. When our body mistakes a substance as a threat such as tree pollen, food, mold, mites, dust, and animals such as cats, dogs and mice, it reacts with an immune response and we develop allergy.

PM 10/PM 2.5

PM 10 & PM 2.5 are air borne particulate matters floating in air. PM 10 has a diameter of 10 micrometers, which are common air pollutant particles found in dust and smoke. PM 2.5 has a diameter of 2.5 micrometers, which is less than the thickness of a human hair. These particulate matters can be made up from smoke, dust, organic chemical, soot, metals, etc. PM 10 & PM 2.5 can be linked to many health issues including cancer, cardiac problems and other respiratory health issues.


The best way to deal with these particulate matters is a properly sealed and clean home with the proper mechanical systems and air filtration systems.  Contact Advanced Pro Insulators today for more information or solutions to home insulation health problems.

Air Filtration for Home Insulation Health

Air filtration within a home should be taken into high consideration when you think about the health of a home or home energy. Leaky ducts within HVAC systems, HVAC systems under or over-rated for purpose and inefficiently rated or dirty filters for HVAC systems can all result in poor indoor air quality.

Air Sealing to Improve Home Insulation Health

Air sealing and stopping air infiltration entering a home or structure is key to reducing allergens and particulate matter from entering a home or structure. See more on our insulation removal and air sealing page.